Our Team

Francisco Pomares. CEO Chief Executive Officer
Francisco Pomares
CEO Chief Executive Officer
The boss works 365 days a year, he is tireless, fun and generous. For him, his clients are his family.
José Agapito Muñoz. CPO Chief Product Officer
José Agapito Muñoz
CPO Chief Product Officer
There is no office for him, he is always on the move. He likes to spend time with his clients and understand them.
Samuel Pomares. COO Chief Operating Officer
Samuel Pomares
COO Chief Operating Officer
Alias Ninja, he works like the wind speed. Honest and objective, he is always on the customers side!
Natasha Pomares. CMO Chief Marketing Officer
Natasha Pomares
CMO Chief Marketing Officer
A jack of all trades, she likes having everything under control, she will never leave loose ends.
José Ramirez. CCO Chief Customer Officer
José Ramirez
CCO Chief Customer Officer
Jose is a relentless worker, always attentive and willing. Discretion is his strong point!
Ana Gutierrez. CFO Chief Financial Officer
Ana Gutierrez
CFO Chief Financial Officer
She doesn´t miss a number! Objective, smiling and always ready to help.
Esperanza Linde. FCO Financial Control Officer
Esperanza Linde
FCO Financial Control Officer.
She is a real piece of work. She has solutions for everything and if not, she will find them!
Esther Pascual. Administrative Manager
Esther Pascual
Administrative Manager
She´ll never say no for an answer. Constant, diligent and disciplined.
Mari Carmen Alonso. CSO Chief International Sales Officer
Mari Carmen Alonso
CSO Chief International Sales Officer
Rigorous, strict and 100% methodical. She will fight tooth and nailf for the company.
Marisol Mendoza. CSO Chief National Sales Officer
Marisol Mendoza
CSO Chief National Sales Officer
The ruthless woman. Be careful… she leave you speechless.